“Residents and merchants treasure Deep River, but they say it’s a down-home community without the spit and polish needed to draw crowds. And the town has no Merchants’ Association to organize and promote the kinds of events that would help Deep River compete for tourists’ attention.”

From 1995 Hartford Courant article: “Quiet Little Town Not So Sure It Wants to Be a Tourist Haven”

• • •

Twenty-five years later and guess what? Deep River not only has a successful Merchants Association but take a look at what this group accomplished in 2019 alone:
• New look with updated logo
• Increased membership
• Revised and updated website
• Increased ticket sales and revenue from 25th Anniversary Deep River Family Day with the addition of:
– Orphan Car Show at the Deep River Historical Society
– Roaming circus performers
– Audubon raptor show
– Happy Train (children’s interactive musical group) on the green
– Expanded scarecrow contest with online registration and voting
– Expanded Christmas wreaths on additional streets
– Ribbon winner at Festival of Trees at Deep River Historical Society
– Bi-monthly networking events
– Membership for all Deep River businesses

There is so much more to do. We would like to set up a scholarship fund for deserving Deep River students, sponsor additional events, clean-up the gazebos and highlight a different business every month in the local paper with a print and digital write up. However, if we do not have a participating membership, we will not be effective as an organization. If you are a member, why not help with an event or come to a meeting or two? If you are in business in Deep River, are you a member? What do you have to lose? There is always pizza at the meetings…

We are all okay with being a down-home community, that is good, that is the Deep River style. Let’s expand on that thought. Let’s get to work. Let’s be a continued presence in this town.

Stacie DiNello
Riverwind Inn

Deep River Merchants Association
P.O. Box 1166
Deep River, CT 06417

2021 DRMA Membership Form (pdf)